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Hit the Road with the Americana Fairy Tale Blog Tour!


Hit the Road!

Follow the Americana Fairy Tale Blog Tour as we head into the woods and find our destiny through looking glass and then do battle with lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. It looks more like Minnesota… Or is that Texas? Florida? I knew I should have taken a left at Albuquerque…

So sit back, relax, as we enjoy the ride to the second star to…

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GRL For Introverts by Edmond Manning

GRL for Introverts

So you’re super excited about going to the Gay Romance Lit conference and um…you’re also a little bit terrified? Afraid of being overwhelmed by the confetti-colored squeeeeeeeee energy swirling everywhere in the air?

It’s okay. You’re alright.

You might just be an introvert when it comes to socializing.

A lot of us are.

So let’s review some tips.

Swim like a child.


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As Pentecost says: Restart the Clock! #BayouFairyTale #ComingSoon #PacificRim

Obligatory White Board Photo of Victory. #amwriting #GlassMoon #AMFINSHEDBABY #bednow #delirious

Home stretch baby! #GlassMoon #amwriting 100k Club!

This is effing #SPARTA baby. Let’s do it! #amwriting #GlassMoon

Not even doing a #WhatIsThatWord game with this one. Because I got nothin’. D: #handwriting #fail

2.5 chapters to go! I’ve got this. I’ve got this. FAITO! FAITO! #amwriting #GlassMoon

Prism Book Alliance gives Americana Fairy Tale 5 of 5 stars!

" I was sucked in and held on for dear life as I rooted for the happy ending. Ms. Chase kept me guessing and wanting more. As the tale unfolded, things just kept growing and building momentum until the final showdown at the end. It was full of cinematic type fighting as well as tender romance. I would love to live inside Ms. Chases imagination for a little while, I am sure it would be a fun ride!"

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Americana Fairy Tale Release Day Blitz + Giveaway

 Americana Fairy Tale  (Fairy Tales of the Open Road #1) by  Lex Chase
Blurb:Modern fairy-tale princess Taylor Hatfield has problems. One: He’s a guy. Two: His perfect brother Atticus is the reincarnation of Snow White. Three: Taylor has no idea which princess he is supposed to be. Four: Taylor just left his prince (a girl) at the altar. Despite his enchanted lineage, Taylor is…

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Eugene Ivanov by Maria Radaeva

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Imagine the events of Pacific Rim told from hermann's POV with a running internal commentary full of British snark, German swearing, and Newt's voice occasionally cutting in because he is just that distracting to Hermann's thought processes.
lexiconofkittens lexiconofkittens Said:


I would watch this movie every single day of my life

Also: Hermann mentally introducing Newt like “My lab partner, Newton Geiszler, is surely the most aggravating and offensive little man I have ever had the misfortune to work with in my entire life, I cannot think of a single redeeming feature of that short kaiju grrroupie,” and then Newt actually comes on screen and he’s like glowing and sparkling and got shojo flowers and hearts in the background b/c that’s secretly how Hermann sees him. 


so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!


so glad to finally get the Twiks Pean box set. love davie lunch movies!

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When I walk into a church, I only see paintings of white angels. Why?- Eartha Kitt 

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night swimming is good for your health

The coloring the angle of the light the parted lips the hair omg

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