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Dreamspinner Press Labor Day Sale!

Hey guys! Letting you know Dreamspinner Press is having a super awesome Labor Day Sale!

From now until September 5th, you can save 25% off site-wide! No code necessary!

To top that off, if you’re going to GayRomLit this year, you can still get free shipping on paperbacks to the event for pickup with code GRL2014

As always, the GRL code is good for multiple uses but only if you’re going to GRL. So…

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THAT is a number I want to see! 9 to go! #GlassMoon #amwriting

Fabulous Five Blog Hop


Hello, Internet! I’ve been tagged by the amazeballs Charlie Cochet for the Fabulous Five Blog Hop. She’s been a huge inspiration to me by working like a fiend on her THIRDS series for Dreamspinner Press. You should seriously look into it. Like for realsies.

1. What am I working on?

I’m currently finishing up the sequel to Chasing Sunrise, called Glass Moon. It’s book 2 of the Darkmore Saga.…

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I like how Natasha always cares about other people’s safety before hers.

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This is the dirtiest joke I have ever seen on a kids show jesus christ their fucking faces.

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Author Mommy’s cowriter is working very hard, she’ll have you know! #cats #cute #tuxedo #catsofinstagram

[GUEST POST] Welcome Louise Lyons!


Louise Lyons:- A big welcome to Paul, the main protagonist from Conflicted. How are you doing, Paul?

Paul Appleton:- Not bad.

LL:- You initially said no when I asked for an interview. What changed your mind?

PA:- I realized refusing was probably just making me look like a muppet. As a rule, I don’t care what people think, but I don’t want your readers to…

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School has started or will very soon so what would be better to do than to gather some great resources for a better school year?

  1. Evernote - keep your research at one place
  2. Khan Academy - over 4,200 educational videos
  3. Mathaway - helps you solve almost every math problem
  4. Cliffnotes - read and prep for school work
  5. Studious - great way to keep track of schedule
  6. iFormulas - references for mathematical formulas
  7. Pocket - save studies and articles much easier
  8. Science glossary - for those hard science words
  9. Studyblue - online flashcards for your next test
  10. Any.do - daily planner 
  11. Dropbox - don’t rely on your computer alone, make sure your notes and papers are safely uploaded online, just in case.
  12. Feed.ly  - gather all your fav websites for research or whatever in one place - I love this myself!
  13. Scribd - online library
  14. Self Control - we all know self control during work or school isn’t always around
  15. TED - lots of good presentation by interesting people
  16. Chegg - don’t have all the money for new text books? Chegg lets you rent many text books for much less than it costs to buy
  17. Duolingo - learning a new language? Then I’ll recommend this one
  18. Mint.com - make sure you’ve got your money straight 
  19. Alarmy - hard to get up in the morning? Well, this alarm makes you take a picture of your sink to turn it off!
  20. Sworkit - don’t forget that exercise will make it easier to concentrate! 

Don’t forget to look at my 27 websites for a new year - where you can find lots of other resources for health, fitness, school/work and div when starting a new year(school year too)

I’ve also got a post called 53 posts for students which contains nutrition and fitness posts especially for students!

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Remmi looks quite majestic half asleep. #cats #cute #tuxedo #catsofinstagram


The raven is sometimes known as “the wolf-bird.” Ravens, like many other animals, scavenge at wolf kills, but there’s more to it than that.

 Both wolves and ravens have the ability to form social attachments and they seem to have evolved over many years to form these attachments with each other, to both species’ benefit.

There are a couple of theories as to why wolves and ravens end up at the same carcasses. One is that because ravens can fly, they are better at finding carcasses than wolves are. But they can’t get to the food once they get there, because they can’t open up the carcass. So they’ll make a lot of noise, and then wolves will come and use their sharp teeth and strong jaws to make the food accessible not just to themselves, but also to the ravens.

Ravens have also been observed circling a sick elk or moose and calling out, possibly alerting wolves to an easy kill. The other theory is that ravens respond to the howls of wolves preparing to hunt (and, for that matter, to human hunters shooting guns). They find out where the wolves are going and following. Both theories may be correct.

Wolves and ravens also play. A raven will sneak up behind a wolf and yank its tail and the wolf will play back. Ravens sometimes respond to wolf howls with calls of their own, resulting in a concert of howls and calls. 

Sources: Mind of the Raven, Bernd Heinrich, The American Crow and the Common Raven, Lawrence Kilham 

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fairly-fictional replied to your photo “#bookthroughphone That Witch! by Zoe Lynne. Super cute #lesbian…”

Lesbian, but that’s still arguably ‘gay’ AND again the characters are white. Glad to see non-cisgaymale stuff, but still.

A) While both lesbian and gay people identify as…




Tranquil, Tropical Bathrooms

pipervaughn our house castle when we live together. ^_^

Oh, yes. <3